Who we are

Naturalearning understood themselves as a place for moving, education, therapeutic and artistic education involving the natural and semi-natural issues.

Based on the range of movement and therapy, alternative therapies & animal assisted activities, puppetry & clowning, fairy tales and fables to craft activities such as felting, spinning, dyeing, ecoprinting, batiks, countrystyle, masks & puppets sulpting and similar sub-areas helt in the “old barn” in Langensee (near Güstrow / MV) and the “old school of Käckelbäcksmon” in Västernorrland / Northern Sweden is we offer you – adults and seniors and your children / grandchildren – the opportunity to try out, develop, perhaps discover a new hobby, to meet people, animals and nature, to come in contact and exchange ideas.

So at both location you, your pet and your family have the possibility for coaching, treatment, meet our therapeutical animals, visit a workshops or ask us for home visits.

The idea came in 2012, when we found our dream house in the northern part of Sweden: the old school of Käckelbäcksmon, built 1912. Very quick it became clear that this historic building should “live” again now. The old school was already used by a musician teachers, as Loppis followed by a regional artist. So it is that the themes experience, learning, art and culture are already in this more than 100 years old Timmerstomme-house will be practiced. And it’s perhaps why this house having this fascinating attraction to us.

With much care and consideration we are preparing the building, try to get the original broadcast and we are proud to fill it with your and our ideas and so develop.

We look forward to seeing you, your pet, your family… yours Michaela