For humans and animals with special needs

For Humans

LogoMenschhealth therapies
adventure based programs
creative therapy *
playtherapy **
behavioral training
system. Ccoaching
stress management & relaxation
guided animal contact with cats, dogs, sheep, horses **
Therapy dog visits
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For/with Dogs und Horses ( I checked in accordance wirh § 11 (1) No. 3, 5 an 8a TierSchG (Animal Welfare Act)

LogoTieranimal-assisted activities **
health therapies
food-coaching and nutrition
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land stewardship
animal-assisted activities **
natural wool
wool processing





  * offers for small and large people with or without disabilities
** Support for AD (H) D, autism, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, personality development, mood disorders, anxiety – and panic attacks, depression, burn out, dementia / Alzheimer etc.