I offer my workshops in Berlin, near Güstrow and in Sweden / Västernorrland. A good opportunity to connect holiday in Sweden to a treatment or a workshop. The workshops are intended for different target groups and also of the max. Number of participants is limited. On request it is possible to arrange similar workshops specific to your institution / your company need and also create completely new.


No.Workshop Germany Sweden
1Coping with all your senses 21.03.2015
2Meditation I + II 10.03. + 14.04.2015
3AsiaGym – trends from the far East 06.-08.11.2015
4AsiaGym II – more far east methods 18.04.2015
5Certificate "outdoor training" 21.-28.09.2014
6Certificate "functional training" Feb.-Okt. 2014
7Progressive muscle relaxation 18.10.2014
8Running & Walking according to Ayurveda
9Nordic Walking Trainer 12.-13.11.2014

Pedagogic – therapy – workshops

No.Workshop Germany Sweden
1my dog in the therapy-based work
2Practice Day: systemic constellation
3Health Psychology 17.10.2014
4The Labyrinth – find your way
5Vision hike (1 day)
6Wheel of Life (3 days)

Creative workshops

No.Workshop Germany Sweden
1creative puppetry – with large and small hand puppets 23.-25.05.2015
2The clown in me … 23.-25.05.2015
3Fairy tales * fables and other stories
4Clowns & Puppets – introductory Workshop
5creative puppet sculpting 23.-25.05.2015
6phantastic mask 23.-25.05.2015
7figures made of wood 23.-25.05.2015
8Scandinavian LandArt * Swedish country style 24.-26.04.2015
9Batik & Ecoprint 24.-26.04.2015
10Weaving fancy yarn / art yarn 24.-26.04.2015
11felting with natural wool 24.-26.04.2015
12Special: puppets & animals made of needle felt